my motto is “if it takes more than 5 minutes to cook i’d rather starve”

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remember when we used to complain about getting clothes for Christmas and now it’s a blessing

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things i care about:

  1. concerts
  2. garlic bread

things i do not care about:

  1. your lame opinion

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1001 emotions in one night and so many words.


If I text you first, you better appreciate that shit because I don’t do it for just anyone.

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I'd like 2 point out lottie didnt out me up 2 anything she had no idea that I was talkn to u and since finding out has had a go at me and made me promise to say srry. I stil dnt like u but not my place 2 say

that’s your own personal opinion based on what other people have told you and i couldn’t care less about what you think it means nothing to me. and don’t say sorry if you don’t mean it thats just pathetic. Also i know who you are so do bother hiding on anon anymore.